NRM Streamcast started with a father and son debate.

Paul Bensman, a lifelong entrepreneur was shopping for air time so he could bring back his Bensman Biz radio show. His son, Ian Bensman, told him not to waste his money on radio when streaming video had so much more to offer – and for a fraction of the price. Ian works in film and video production, so he knew what he was talking about.

Not only did Ian win the argument, he made his case so successfully that the father and son decided to build a streaming video studio and launch a new network of original digital content.

Peter Perlman, a longtime friend and co-host of Paul’s previous radio show, jumped in as Chairman. Peter’s early career includes nearly a decade in the radio and recording industry, and he immediately saw the huge potential of this new venture.

Buzz Van Houten, an experienced broadcast professional with over three decades of experience in major market broadcasting, joined the team as Executive Director.

That’s how we got here. Now we’ll see where the live media stream takes us.