Paul Bensman – Co-Founder

Recognizing digital streaming entertainment was a business sector primed for explosive growth, Paul Bensman had a vision for a new media company in Detroit. This led to the creation of NRM Streamcast, LLC.

An entrepreneur since childhood, Bensman got his business start in grade school, selling candy to neighborhood children on his driveway in Southfield, Michigan. When disco exploded at the end of the ‘70s, Bensman and a friend created a mobile DJ company. In college, at the age of 19, he started importing hand tools from Taiwan. At 22, he opened the first Crazy Benzy’s Tools & Stuff store, later franchising Crazy Benzy’s. Then, while selling tools by day and spinning records on weekends, he started a limousine company. Bensman was running three successful business ventures by the age of 23.

After years spent learning all aspects of the retail industry, Bensman entered the world of commercial real estate in 1998 with a focus on retail tenants and properties. He started his own brokerage, Locations Commercial Real Estate Services, less than ten years later. During his time as a broker, he continued to identify trending markets. Bensman started and sold several business ventures, including BDT Lightsource, a successful green energy lighting company he founded to bring new, cost-saving technology from China to commercial property owners. He also provided business coaching and consulting, even as he was running multiple companies.

In 2012, Bensman began hosting a successful business radio show called “Bensman Biz” on ESPN Detroit with his longtime friend Peter Perlman. The show advised listeners on how to start, run, and market a business. “Bensman Biz” has now been reimagined as “Talking Biz” on NRM Streamcast’s business channel.

Ian Bensman – CEO / Co-Founder

Ian Bensman has worked on sets across the country, from films directed by Oscar-winning talent to nationally aired commercials. His most notable credits include Transformers: Age of Extinction and Kathryn Bigelow’s Detroit.

As a millennial, Bensman understands where media distribution and consumption are happening now – and where they’re heading. When his father Paul Bensman and longtime family friend Peter Perlman talked about buying time for their radio show “Bensman Biz,” which was broadcast on ESPN, the younger Bensman had an idea which ultimately became the catalyst for NRM Streamcast. He recognized that the future of media is in live streaming, and he brings a wealth of technical production and media skills to the company.

Bensman studied film at Columbia College Chicago as well as the Motion Picture Institute of Michigan. Born and raised in Metro Detroit, he has strong roots in the community, particularly in the Detroit music scene. He is also in a band called “In The Cloud,” which has already released its debut album.

Peter A. Perlman – Chairman

A radio industry veteran, Peter Perlman’s career began at WCAR Radio 1130AM, where he participated in everything from handling traffic logs to writing commercials. He then moved to WWTV – WWUP – TV (Fetzer Broadcasting), managing the Detroit Tigers’ feed to Fetzer affiliates’ weekend radio and serving as a TV movie host and commercial writer, in addition to assisting with news production. Perlman then joined WPON as an assistant music director.

After five years, Perlman shifted to the record industry, working with distributors A&M Records, ABC, Motown, Arista, and London. He was also influential as the national buyer for the Handleman Company. Following that, he worked as a consultant in the African-American wholesale and retail record business. Perlman went on to own and operate a record wholesale distributorship and retail outlet.

Perlman eventually left the radio and recording industries, switching his focus to the insurance industry. In 2012, he opened the Perlman Insurance Agency while also returning to his broadcasting roots, as he joined Paul Bensman to co-host the “Bensman Biz” radio show on ESPN.

Buzz Van Houten – Executive Director

Buzz Van Houten is an experienced broadcast professional with over three decades in major market broadcasting working in sales, engineering, programming, marketing, and employee development. A seasoned radio senior executive, his career spanned 19 years with ABC as a Local, National, and General Sales Manager, during the time major radio stations WRIF FM, WJR AM and WHYT FM were owned and operated by ABC. He was a General Manager at WLLZ FM for eight years, then served as General Manager of ESPN radio during the transition from the original format.

Van Houten is adept at identifying relevant trends and critical pivot points where radio stations must adapt to changing markets. His strength is finding the value proposition: turning low revenue ratio stations into juggernauts, developing strategies that meet and exceed sales goals. In 2011, Buzz formed Van Houten & Associates, a marketing and media consulting company. As a consultant, he helped build a small radio station in Grayling into the number one station in Northern Michigan. He also manages media for Parkway Chrysler Jeep Ram, writing commercials and producing TV spots. His work has helped them become the number one volume dealer in the US.

Rick Kraniak – President of Live Music

Rick Kraniak is internationally recognized as an investor with great instincts for commercially innovative and viable businesses, and has a long track record of growing successful companies.

Kraniak started his career at college as a booking agent for local bands, working with Alice Cooper, Bob Seger, and Chuck Berry. In the early ‘70s, he started a top 10 national concert promotion company, Brass Ring Productions, promoting artists such as The Rolling Stones and Madonna before discovering an interest in technology and investing in multiple internet and high-tech companies.

He has advised international equity companies on media and entertainment and has worked with over 70 companies as an investor, strategist, and specialist in business development and capitalization strategy. In 2014, Kraniak co-founded Cavendish Global, which matches philanthropists with innovations in health care, life science, and education to engender global impact. Kraniak’s role at NRM Streamcast is to offer both new and established musical talent in Detroit a space for rehearsing and a new platform for performing.

Andy Bisaha – President / Program Director / Head of Post-Production

Andy Bisaha has been an active member in the film community since 2013. The following year, he began working at a Detroit-area post-production house in the visual effects department before founding his own production company, Re-Edit Productions, later on. In 2016, he started working on his directorial debut, “Devout,” which was nominated for multiple awards and won three, including Best First-Time Director and Audience Choice.

Now at NRM Streamcast, Bisaha brings all those skills to the table as head of the post-production department, where he and his team help craft and design shows and ads for NRM Streamcast. On top of that, he also hosts “Podquesters” and “Geektainment Weekly,” and produces the show “NRM Indie Short Showcase.”

E. Alan Contino – Chief Technology Officer

E. Alan Contino is celebrating his 28th year as a professional Motion Picture, Broadcast Television Engineer and Visual Effects artist. The past decades in the entertainment industry started off as a secondary career to Electrical Engineering but has transpired into the primary focus as a specialist in Stereoscopic, Motion Capture, Visual Effects Post-Production and Streaming technologies.

Working on various research and development projects along with SMPTE, IEEE, MPEG, and AES, Alan’s career path leading to head of research for the Virtual Theatricality Laboratory was a natural fit. The VTL special projects for live stage production had allowed Alan a high level of development and education leading to the creation of the world’s first multi-system integration of interactive augmented and virtual reality for live stage productions.

Alan is excited to continue his career in multimedia and streaming technologies engineering with NRM Streamcast as Chief Technology Officer.