Anger – What Frogs Can Teach

August 30, 2017
by Alan Contino

The second plague that was brought upon the Egyptians was “frogs”. Aaron hit the river and frogs came pouring into Egypt.
The Medrash says, what really happened was that just one frog came out of the water. When the Egyptians saw the frog, they went out to kill it. As they beat the frog, the frog started to multiply; the more they hit the frogs the more they multiplied.

Why couldn’t the Egyptians figure it out, if they stop hitting the frogs they will stop multiplying? In this case, they actually brought the plague upon themselves.

There is an interesting fact when it comes to anger, maybe you have experienced this yourself, when a person gets angry his brain shuts off and stops thinking rationally. We do many things in anger, only to wish we could have stopped and thought a moment.

The Egyptians were taking out their anger on the “frog” so even though it kept multiplying, they were angry and couldn’t think to stop. Something to remember next time you get angry.

Think about it!

Rabbi Tzvi Jacobson – Host of Let’s Talk Torah on the NRM Streamcast Community Channel.