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50PlusPrime – Ed Asner’s Star Shines Bright – S1E1

50PlusPrime – Happy Days’ Marion Ross – S1E2

50PlusPrime – Indianapolis 500 Royalty – S1E3

50PlusPrime – Life is Sweet at 50+ – Ann Edenfield Sweet – S1E4

50PlusPrime – Rich Little: Part One – S1E5

50PlusPrime – Rich Little: Part Two – S1E6




50PlusPrime is the national TV news magazine sharing the inspiring stories of the sports, entertainment, political, and business leaders who have made a powerful cultural impact on the baby boomer generation. 50PlusPrime also celebrates American heroes aged 50 and older. 50PlusPrime is hosted by award-winning TV news reporter Tony Fama.

NRM Streamcast welcomes Fama and the 50PlusPrime series into our catalog of unique programming.