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Creative Kaleidoscope on NRM Streamcast


Creative Kaleidoscope

**Season 2 Announcement Coming Soon!**

Creative Kaleidoscope, on NRM Streamcast, covers the full spectrum of the Arts – painting, photography, music, literature, and everything in the art world.


Host, Russell Dunn is an artist with a strong reach into the contemporary art world. This show offers viewers unprecedented access to the inner workings of Detroit’s creative scene. You’ll see interviews with well-known and intriguing guests, and get a behind-the scenes-view of the people and places that make Detroit’s creative energy truly unique and inspiring.

This show also features round-table discussions and musical elements – bringing together local artists and musicians, as well as people involved in the Detroit art community. The Metro Detroit area will be a main focus, but we keep an eye out for anything  interesting or intriguing, now matter where it takes us.

Watch Art Happening…

Find your own creative voice.  Russell Dunn demonstrates how the artist brings paint and canvas together to form their own Creative Kaleidoscope.  You’ll find instructional videos along with a time-lapse view of the artistic process.

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You’ll always find something intriguing, interesting and creative.  If it’s art – it’s here!

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