Can Detroit Radio Keep Up?

February 27, 2018
by Alan Contino

Detroit radio’s struggle to hold onto its place in the current media environment is becoming more difficult as 2018 unfolds. The revenues for radio are decreasing as they are split between other mediums – with digital being the main beneficiary. In addition, factor in the way radio measures their ratings with the PPM (portable people meter) system and you have two of the principal reasons for their problems.

As the revenue picture for Detroit radio continues to head in the wrong direction, the corporate entities that own these stations continue to look for ways to cut costs. These cuts have ultimately affected the programming content, and the product, as they are eliminating established talent in favor of less expensive options.

Another major factor is the rise of an entire generation that has grown up with many portable, shareable, on-demand entertainment options. These digital natives have no loyalty to terrestrial radio – and radio is not part of their daily lives, as it has been with previous generations.

All these disruptions have created opportunities for other platforms to fill the void, left by the decline of Detroit Radio. Detroit has always been a top media market, with a very diversified population known for embracing innovation. NRM Streamcast is a digital streaming platform that offers a variety of programming options in the form of channels that appeal to specific interests with a hyper-local focus. It’s original streaming entertainment that’s available live and on-demand. The NRMSteamz app makes the content available from any device – shareable, unique content that’s accessible anytime and anywhere. Detroit has always been rich with talent in the arts and business innovation. NRM Streamcast is primed to showcase these assets and offer compelling informative and entertaining programming for audience of all ages. NRM Streamcast is poised to play a leading role in the ever-changing landscape of Detroit Media.

About the Author:

Buzz Van Houten, Executive Director
NRM Streamcast

Buzz Van Houten is a broadcast professional with over three decades of experience in Detroit Radio and major market broadcasting. A seasoned radio senior executive, his career spanned 19 years with ABC as a Local, National, and General Sales Manager, during the time major Detroit radio stations WRIF FM, WJR AM and WHYT FM were owned and operated by ABC. He was a General Manager at WLLZ FM for eight years, and also served as General Manager of ESPN radio during the transition from the original format to ESPN. Buzz has a wealth of experience, plus an understanding of current trends and opportunities – within the broadcasting industry and beyond.