Rabbi Tzvi Jacobson

I am the Director of Development and the 3rd Grade Judaic studies teacher for Yeshivas Darchei Torah located in Southfield, Michigan. In these roles, I am able to be pursue both my passions; teaching children and meeting people from all walks of life who share an interest in the education of children. I love to be challenged; whether in the classroom helping a child with learning or behavior difficulties, or helping Yeshivas Darchei Torah meet its financial obligation.

As a teacher, I like to keep my students guessing what’s next. Whether it’s puppet shows, stories, trips or programs, my classroom is always warm and exciting.

As the Director of Development, I have been involved in running the annual dinner and major fundraising events. I enjoy the opportunity to share my passion and introduce people to the world of Yeshivas Darchei Torah.
I enjoy studying Torah, and I love to share – this is an experience you shouldn’t pass up.

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