Hide and Seek

April 16, 2018
by Alan Contino
This week’s Torah lesson: G-d says to us, He will hide His face from us. What does that mean?

About a century ago, a university professor once challenged his students: Did G-d create everything that exists? When the students answered yes, the professor said, Well, if G-d created everything, then G-d created evil. Since we are defined by our works, we can assume G-d is evil. (Interesting philosophical question).

One student raised his hand, “Sir, I have a question. Does cold exist?”

“Of course cold exists!” replied the professor!

“Cold does not exist,” the young man replied, “according to the laws of physics, cold is the absence of heat. Cold just describes how we feel.” (at this point the professor should have stopped the conversation)

The student continued, “does darkness exist?”

The professor said, “yes it does!”

The student replied, “you are wrong, darkness is the absence of light.” The student then asked, “does evil exist?”
(Some people never realize when they are being set up.)

The professor answered, “yes, evil exists, we see it all the time.”

“No, sir,” said the student. “Evil does not exist on its own. Evil happens in the absence of G-d, Evil is the like the cold when there is no heat, or the darkness when there is no light.”

The young man’s name? Albert Einstein.

Whether the story is true or not, when the Torah tells us G-d will hide his face, and terrible things will happen, that is all because we forgot about G-d and we allowed evil to fill His place.

Looking around in our world today I would say,  “Think about it!”

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