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    What are your goals for a digital campaign?
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    What makes up your current advertising mix?
    In the past, what has worked well?
    In the past, what has not worked well?
    Is there a video (or mobile) strategy?
    What type of conversion tracking does the customer want, or would they like use to recommend the best objectives?
    What is the target audience?
    Is GEO targeting requested?
    Will the campaign use rich media?
    Will the customer provide the necessary content for their ads?
    Does customer need any graphic design services to create the ad content?
    Does customer need any video production services to create ad content?

    How much are you looking to invest in digital next quarter?
    Who are the customer's competitors?
    What can we help the customer learn more about in the digital space?

    What is the monthly budget to start?
    How many months will the campaign last?
    What is the start date of the campaign?
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    What placements will be used for this campaign?
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    All of the information entered will be used to create a final quote for the overall cost of the campaign. Please refer to price lists to add up all the requests entered into this for to generate an estimate for your client.

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