Podquesters – Episode 64: I Mustache You A Question

June 21, 2019
by Andy Bisaha

Mustaches, Dungeons and Dragons Oh My!

We all love Dungeons and Dragons. We all love rad mustaches, but what happens when you put both together? The answer? Magic! In this episode of our D&D comedy show, the Podquesters continue their rumble in the temple. Andy discovers when he dons his Very Fine Mustache, he channels the spirit of Sam Elliot. Sarah decides shades make her look rad and she is not wrong. David tells the tale of how he discovered a front for the mob and waits a half hour there before leaving. Living life like that could get ya whacked, but oh well. Julie continues to roll the dice and show how much of boss she is. Cory finally plays his class right and stays in the back raining down damage.

It’s a full on battle clearing out these enemies, but many questions remain in this game of Dungeons & Dragons. What greater goal does Dahrilius have and when will he reveal his plan to the Podquesters? Will our heroes be able to defeat this hoard of evil villains and escort the town to safety? Can Andy start a new collection of Mustaches like he did his magical footwear? Will Brian Baumgartner ever guest star on our Dungeons and Dragons comedy show as the wonderful NPC named Kevin we created in honor of his contribution to the world of comedy?

One thing is for sure, this episode of Podquesters is a true chuckle fest. Mustaches, Dungeons and Dragons indeed.

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