Refocusing in 2019

January 15, 2019
by Alanna Elling

There is nothing like the cold brisk weather in Detroit to refocus and crystalize what a person’s goals and missions are! I sat down with a mentor to evaluate what I am trying to accomplish with my show Let’s Talk Torah.

What are my goals? And how can I accomplish them? What is my mission? I must tell you, everyone should have a mentor/coach to help them refocus — you will be amazed at the results.

Here are mine:

You are a unique, meaningful, fascinating being. Understanding and sharing your inner story is a gift that can bring light to hearts around the world. That is the belief that underlies my mission and passion: Enabling people of all backgrounds to share their inner spark in a professional setting, with an experienced guide through my show at NRM Streamcast.

* A new medium to learn, and enable others in a professional setting to get your message out clearly and concisely.

* Use the ancient wisdom of the Torah, experience, and stories to help you appreciate your story, how you have meaning and purpose.

* Experience people’s stories and life experiences, and how they all come from the blueprint of the Torah.

* Everyone has a mission and a unique skill. What is yours? What is your story?

* Join the list of authors’, artists, composers, nonprofits, business people and friends who have already shared their stories.

As Arthur Ashe says, “Success is a journey, not a destination” – Let’s experience the journey!

Please let me know what you think. These goals and missions which have been happening on my show will now take over my LinkedIn, Facebook, and attitude towards the show. Enjoy the ride!

Rabbi Tzvi Jacobson

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