The biggest moments of last week’s ‘Bachelor’ included three women staying together, the ultimatum-not-an-ultimatum conversation, and Peter outing a couple of the women.

Biggest Moment #1: Madison Giving an Ultimatum, but Saying it’s Not an Ultimatum

Last week’s episode started off with Madison pulling Peter aside to talk to him about something “important”, and we all thought she was going to tell him about her saving herself for marriage! Instead, one of her biggest moments ended up being a bust as she gave him an ultimatum of not sleeping with the other girls if he wants her in the end. It would have been so much better had she just came out with her truth from the beginning.

 Moment #2:  The Girls All Living Together

Typically, from the hometown episodes on, the girls are separated from each other except for the rose ceremonies, but this season switched it up quite a bit. The women continued to live together throughout the hometown dates, forcing them to witness each other leaving for and returning from their time with Peter. Of course, producers made it so that Madison was last in line, and she almost had a nervous breakdown. We later learned that they did this intentionally to encourage the upcoming decisions. This season, there was a lot of hemming and hawing and back-and-forth emotions. There hasn’t been a lot of closure with the ongoing storylines, and it’s starting to feel like pulling teeth.


Moment #3: Peter Outs a Couple of the Girls

One of the last big moments of last week was during a dinner date with Peter told Madison. Peter admits that he did in fact sleep with one or more of the other girls. He wasn’t thrilled when Hannah B outed him, but nonetheless, he did it right back. I guess he wanted to be honest, but at what expense? This episode followed suit for previous episodes with ongoing poor communication and unnecessary drama.

Of course, this is all probably subjective as everyone takes “biggest moments” in their own way. In our opinions, these were the biggest and most stand out moments of last week. Let us know what you think of this season so far!