Hometown dates are finally here and the drama that took place didn’t disappoint. The girls behind Roses with a Sip of  Rosé are here to recap each date.

Hometown 1: Hannah Ann

For a while, we weren’t the biggest fans of Hannah Ann, but after seeing her date and her family our opinions have changed. We can’t see her with Peter per se, but she could potentially be the next bachelorette or at least a great contender for paradise.

Hannah Ann took Peter ax throwing and to say we were a little nervous was an understatement. The guy had to get 22 stitches on his head because he ran into a golf cart with a glass in his hand, not to mention his total lack of skills in sports. In the end, he didn’t do half bad and we were quite relieved.

The couple went back to Hannah Ann’s house to meet her parents and siblings. During the talk with her parents, Peter told them he was falling in love with her. Her father was wary of it and asked Peter not to tell her until he was fully in love with her. Peter agreed and went on to say goodnight to Hannah Ann and told her that he was falling for her.

Date 2: Kelsey

For a while, Kelsey’s emotions were all over the place and she was constantly surrounded by drama. We weren’t sure if she was going to make it emotionally, but she was another one we started to like after this episode.

Kelsey and Peter’s date took them to a winery where they stomped on grapes and made their own wine. It was a sweet and romantic date that ultimately ended in heartbreak.

Kelsey’s family was a sweet, close-knit family. There was nothing that stood out other than the mother telling Peter not to break her daughter’s heart.

Hometown 3: Madison

Madison has been a front runner for quite a while and Peter has even told her he was falling in love with her a couple episodes ago. When Peter went to her hometown, they spent some time playing basketball, which (as we have seen in earlier episodes) he is terrible at it. But, Peter did get to meet the head coach of Auburn University and even got a shout out from Charles Barkley.

We find out that Madison had been hiding a big secret from Peter concerning her intent to “wait for marriage”. We think it’s sweet and respectable, but I wouldn’t have been a bad idea to have said something sooner. Her family is very Christian and a tight-knit group. They had some heartfelt traditions featuring a special plate, and it cute to watch.

Date 4: Victoria F

Our last date of the episode is none other than Ms. Drama herself… Victoria F. Victoria and Peter start out the date by going to a concert by yet another country singer. Don’t you think they would have had enough from the last date with a country singer?? They do have a good time dancing and being together, so it must be their forte. Peter later runs into an ex that he didn’t know lived in that area. She told Peter to be careful because Victoria has wrecked a few marriages and just isn’t a good person.

That information sends him into a tailspin where he confronts her and instead of talking about it she gets in his face before storming off like she always does. They fight for a few minutes before Peter leaves and her family comes out to hug her. The next day she goes to his hotel room where she says she is sorry and they hug.

The episode ends with a rose ceremony and we say goodbye to Kelsey. After the toast and he starts to leave, Madison calls out to him and it ends with a “To Be Continued..”