Alexa, what do you know about the Australia Fires?

The fires in Australia are still raging alongside the already turbulent climate. Everyone is suffering, but staying strong!! It’s so heartbreaking to see the pictures of the animals and people who just can’t seem to catch a break.

How Do you feel about the photos of the fires?

The images of the burning habitats are tragic, but I find it so impactful all the same! Koalas, kangaroos, frogs, wallabies, and so many other species are hurting and are at risk of being killed. As heartbreaking and disturbing as the photos are, I find great importance in them being shared because, as the saying goes, “pictures speak a thousand words.”

What can we do to help the Australia Fires?

We can help those in need by donating to a few different organizations such as the Red-Cross and local fire departments in Australia. Most of the fire departments are run by volunteers, and even the smallest donations can provide great relief for everyone.

If you aren’t able to donate any money, you can check out other sites like the Animal Rescue Craft Guild on Facebook to see if there are any crafts you can make for the affected wildlife.

If you want to hear more about this and other related topics, check out NRM Streamcast’s Pop That Culture.

Thank you Alexa.

Alexa: You are welcome.