Goodbyes never feel right. Goodbyes typically feel as though someone punched you in the gut and knocked the wind out of you. Whether it be a breakup, ending a friendship, or death, it’s not an easy experience especially when you aren’t expecting it.










These are nine people whose families hugged them and didn’t know it would be their last time in the presence of their loved ones. I won’t say I know what they are going through. I have never lost a parent, a child or a sibling, and I honestly couldn’t imagine it. I can’t and never will try and understand what these families went through after getting those phone calls. I think what breaks my heart the most is thinking about the three children who lost their lives and the children at home who lost a parent.

There are so many thoughts that are going through everyone’s minds in regards to this situation.

Why did the pilot fly? Did they know what was happening in their final moments? How will these families pick up the pieces?

We don’t know these answers and we probably never will, which is why these kinds of goodbyes are never easy.

We have to make sure that these nine people are never forgotten, but without being too disrespectful to their families and loved ones in their time of mourning.

We know Kobe had a huge fan base and everyone was devastated after hearing the news on Sunday, but the people who rushed over to the crash site for the sake of nosiness isn’t respectful to the victims or their families. There are many ways to pay your respects without going to the place where it happened.

Every day someone is saying goodbye to a loved one and it never gets easier no matter the situation. Let’s live every day to the fullest because we never know what each day will bring.